How to Choose the Best Funded Trading Accounts?

  • December 26, 2020

Here are some important points to understand about how to choose a funded trading account, which traders tend to get confused about, or that firms manipulate the way they present them to confuse traders:

Payout and growing Terms

In most companies, you will get paid monthly something between 60%-80% of your profits. BUT in order to grow your account you will have to leave your profits in the account. Lux Trading Firm is the only fund that actually pays every month, no minimum, and no maximum applied.

Lux Trading Firm is the only fund that pays and at the same time saves your milestone progression at the same level! Meaning you pull out money every month, and you don’t hold your growth rate. With other companies, you have to choose between taking the profits or leaving them for growth.

Share Split

This means how much of the profits the trader receives, and how much the company keeps. It is important to analyze this point together with the possible account size. Most companies will offer 70% to 80% percentage of the profits for the trader in 100K to 300K accounts.

Lux Trading Firm gives up to 1 million accounts with a 60%-40% split. So, you keep a little less percentage of the profits, in a significantly larger trading account. Remember that when you are taking the very same winning performance, the actual money-earning potential is what matters and not the percentage split.


The duration & phases of the time you spend on being evaluated are also interesting to compare. Most companies have 2 phases of testing before real funding and in most cases, those phases have a time limit. Lux Trading Firm has only 1 evaluation phase, and we have no time limit to reach your profit target.

Recurring fees

In some companies, you will have to pay an initial fee plus a monthly fee. With Lux Trading Firm, there are no monthly payments. To get evaluated you only need to pay a one-time enrollment fee.

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