How to Get Qualified for a funded trading account?

  • December 26, 2020

There aren’t any special qualities that qualify you for a funded trading account, other than proving your skills. You must show consistent results in forex trading and prove that your trading strategy is profitable. There are plenty of traders that get good results, but it can also be a fluke win, and to qualify for a funded trading account, you must showcase consistently profitable trades.

Sign up to evaluate your trading

When you sign up to trade with some of the best Forex proprietary funds in the market, your trading style is going to be evaluated by the firm first. You will have to pay for the signup fee, but other than that there are no additional costs to be in a Forex funded account program. After a few weeks in testing, you will be totally in the risk-free trading zone

Once you have passed the initial evaluation, you will be tested for a few weeks, so that the proprietary firm can get a good feel of your trading style. Once you pass those few weeks, you will enter the risk-free trading zone, which is when you will be given your own funded trading account.

Get paid to trade forex

After proving yourself in the Forex market with consistently profitable trades, you will earn the right to get paid to trade in the Forex market. This is the best step for your trading career, as it allows you with the chance to test yourself among the best traders that are currently trading in the market.

Develop your trading career from home

When you get the chance to work with a forex funded account, your trading career is on the rise. It is best to choose a remote proprietary trading firm to work with, like Lux Trading Firm, since they offer traders the chance to develop their trading career from home. This additional flexibility allows traders to trade in the market at their own time, and from wherever they choose to trade from.

Get high capital to trade

Once you are in the forex funded account program, you must keep showcasing your skills as a forex trader to climb even higher up the ladder. If you show great results while Forex trading, then you will get a funded trading account with even bigger capital, so you can trade more. Only the top forex traders get that chance, and only after they apply the risk management requirements of the proprietary firm.

You can trade any trading strategy

One of the primary benefits of trading with a funded trading account is that you can trade any style without any fear of your style being compromised. You can choose any style, from scalping, day trading, to long-term position holding, swing trading, fundamentals analysis, or technical analysis trading strategies. The only thing you must keep in mind is that you must deliver profitable trades and results with your trading style.

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