What are the Profit Target and What is the Profit Share ?

  • Evaluation and Advanced Acc stage Target according to our different trading models.‎
  • At Lux Trading Firm we have three different accounts:
  • $15,000-Evaluation and Advanced Acc stage–The target for this account is $900.‎
  • $10,000-Evaluation and Advanced Acc stage-The target for this account is $600.‎
  • $5,000–Evaluation and Advanced Acc stage-The target for this account is $300.‎
  • Once a trader reaches his goal of 6% as a profit then he shall be entitled to a 75% Profit share on his respective Advanced account stage
  • How do the Professional account stages works:
  • Once you have your Professional account the profit targets are 10% to continue to the next stage until you reach the 2,5 million Expert account stage.
  • We shall split the profits in a ratio of 75% to the trader and 25% to Lux Trading Firm until the 200k account stage and from 500k up to 2.5 million, it will be 50/50.‎
  • The professional account trader can request a withdrawal only once per month. The transactions will be processed within 3-5 business days.



What is the maximum loss limit, and what is a relative drawdown level?

  • The maximum drawdown level is 4% relative in stages 1 and 2 and from stage 3 and higher, it is a Hybrid model.
  • The Maximum allowed Relative Draw Down is the highest realized account balance minus 4%, and is compared to equity and balance.‎



What are the withdrawal methods?

  • Lux Trading Firm pays profit share on the Advanced Account (Stage 2) once the trader achieves the 6% profit ‎target and meets the minimum trading days.
  • Lux Trading Firm pays traders on the Professional 50k, 100k, or 150k Accounts (Stage 3 and up), as long as the trader has ‎made a net profit in the current month, relative to the High-Water Mark.
  • All Professional 50k, 100k, or 150k Account stages profits are paid out during the week following the calculation of profits. Profits are calculated during the 1st weekend after the end of the month.
  • Traders are paid by Bank transfer through Wise.



EA allowed?

We allow EAs that are created by the trader (trader’s intellectual property). EAs developed by a third party, are prohibited since this does not show the individual trading skills of the trader.

If this EA is no longer available to the trader/public, for whatever reason, the trader will be unable to update, upgrade or make changes to it for the better.

Traders can use a third-party EA as a tool to support their strategy, but without using automatic trade execution.



Copy trading

Lux Trading Firm prohibits duplicating trades and orders by using a copy trading service ‎offered by any one provider.

Lux Trading Firm allows traders with a self-developed strategy to use the Lux trading platform as the Master account and copy the trades to other (Slave) accounts that belong to the trader or his/her company. It is prohibited to copy your trades to other than your own trading account(s). Our algorithms will recognize when trades are duplicated to different trading accounts with us and will close them automatically. All the parties involved will be expelled from the program and no refund or reset will be possible.



Do I get a refund of my enrollment fee?

Every new trader who signs up after 10-10-2021 that passes the Evaluation (Demo) Account stage will receive a 100% refund of their enrollment fee (excluding any reset fees or for elite packages).



Which broker?

We work with the broker Global Prime:




Does Lux provide its traders real live accounts?

Yes, click this URL link to see proof of this:

Does Lux or Lux’s Broker trade against its traders?

No, click the URL link to see proof of this:





Below in the window you can compare Lux Career Trading Program with the 2 other well established Funded Programs

Account size: 150.000 – 10 million
Account size: 200.000
Acoount size: 80.000 - 2.5 million
Price $ 665 - € 590 - £ 499
Price $ 1,220 - € 1,080 - £ 910
Price $ 745 - € 660 - £ 555
Stage 1: 6% profit target with no time limit and 100% refund of fees
Stage 1: 10% profit target need to be reach in 22 trading days, no fee refund and no profit split
Stage 1: 7% profit target to be reach in 180 days and 50% profit split from 20k account size
Stage 2: 6% profit target with no time limit and a 65% profit split over 15k account size
Stage 2: 5% profit target need to be reach in 44 trading days and no fee refund and no profit split
Stage 2: 10% profit target to be reach in 180 days and 50% profit split from 80k account size
Stage 3 and more: 65% profit split on 150k account size up to 500k, 1 mill, 2.5 mill, 10 mill +
Stage 3 and more: 80% profit split on max 200k account size and fee refunded only after make profit
Stage 3 and more: 50% profit split over 160k account size up to 320k, 640k, 1.2 mill, 2.5 mill