What are the Profit Target and What is the Profit Share ?

  • Evaluation and Advanced Acc stage Target according to our different trading models.‎
  • At Lux Trading Firm we have three different accounts:
  • $15,000-Evaluation and Advanced Acc stage–The target for this account is $900.‎
  • $10,000-Evaluation and Advanced Acc stage-The target for this account is $600.‎
  • $5,000–Evaluation and Advanced Acc stage-The target for this account is $300.‎
  • Once a trader reaches his goal of 6% as a profit then he shall be entitled to a 65% Profit share on his respective Advanced account stage
  • How do the Professional account stages works:
  • Once you have you Professional account the profit targets are 10% to continue to the next stage until you reach the 2,5 million Expert account stage.
  • We shall split the profits in a ratio of 65% to the trader and 35% to Lux Trading Firm.‎
  • The Profesional account trader can request a withdrawal only once per month. The transactions will be processed within 3-5 business days.

What is the maximum loss limit, and what is a relative drawdown level?

  • The maximum drawdown level is 4% relative to all stages of Lux Career Funded Trading Program.
  • Relative drawdown means the difference between the highest account balance and the lowest unrealized equity value.

What are the withdrawal methods?

  • Lux Trading Firm pays the net profits to the Advanced Account trader once his/she achieves the 6% profit ‎target.
  • Lux Trading Firm pays for net profits to the Profesional 50k, 100k or 150k Acc traders as long as the trader has ‎made a net profit in the current month relative to the previous month.‎
  • All Profesional 50k, 100k or 150k Acc stages profits are paid out during the 1st week of the new month.
  • You can get it by Bank transfer, PayPal or Cryptocurrencies.