This will be the platform you will be trading on!

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For the next few weeks, TradingView cannot be used to place trades with. You can still chart on TradingView, but you’ll have to use the TradingEvolution platform to enter trades.
Hence, we offer you a time-limited 10% discount if you buy it now!

Please note:

  1. Islamic accounts have higher commissions and somewhat larger spreads, so to enable us to offer Sharia-compliant accounts.
  2. The TradingView mobile app is only for “papertrading”, and cannot be used for real trading at the moment. This functionality is coming, but we have no date for roll-out. Meanwhile, to check your TradingView account, or trade on your mobile device, you can use the TraderEvolution app.
  3. Traders from the US can only use the MT4 mobile apps, so if you’re from the US, and want to trade or follow positions on your mobile device, you must choose MT4 as your main trading platform.