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How to Join a Prop Firm

Prop trading firms have always seemed like a bit of a dark art in the online retail trading community -...
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High Win Rate or High Risk to Reward Ratio

When developing your forex trading strategy, it can be hard to decide whether to prioritize having a high win rate...
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Reduce The Risk of Getting Scammed by a Prop Firm

Online prop firms are a great vehicle to increase your trading profits and start trading much larger trading accounts than...
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MyForexFunds Assets Frozen – What can we Learn From It?

If you keep an ear to the ground in the online forex trading and prop firm scene, you’ll have heard...
Should you change your forex trading strategy
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Should You Change Your Forex Trading Strategy

Retail forex traders are swamped with information, trading strategies and traders showing giant withdrawals every day on social media. When you’re...
Time Limits On Prop Firm Trading Challenges
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Why Do Prop Firms Have Time Limits?

Online prop firms typically use a challenge-based model to evaluate the profitability of traders, before awarding them a funded trading...
How Much Should You Risk In A Prop Firm Challenge?
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How Much Should You Risk in a Prop Firm Challenge?

Prop firm challenges are not the easiest thing in the world, but they don’t need to be the hardest thing...
Should You Be Using Indicators In Your Forex Trading
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Should You be Using Indicators in Your Forex Trading?

Indicators are used in all global markets as a way to highlight potential trading opportunities within the charts. Indicators have...
Are prop firms risky?
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Are Prop Firms “RIsky”?

Over the last few years, if you’ve been keeping an ear to the ground in the online retail trading space,...